Thursday, 9 October 2014

Tanisha breaks her silence on her split with Armaan

Tanishaa Mukerji breaks her silence on her split with Armaan Kohli.

Post your break-up, Armaan Kohli declared it on social media, but you never went on record.

You know me, I don't react. All I have to say is Armaan and I are very different people with different ideologies and I wish him the best. God bless him.

Buzz was that you two were considering marriage.

Marriage is not a game. It's not something you just fall into. We all are adults; we have to take intelligent decisions about our lives. Like I said, Armaan and I are completely different people and our ways of living are very different.

Many felt that the break-up stories didn't ring true and the two of you were actually contemplating marriage.

I never once said anything about marriage. It was all in the media only. You've only raised the expectations of the fans, so you only answer the question.

It was also being speculated that you've shopped for your wedding jewellery.

Please give the jewellery to me if you have it. The media wanted to get me married, so that they will have articles to write for seven days. But I promise you I will have a 10-day wedding when I do get married because I actually enjoy the showsha...

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Was there any marriage pressure on you?

No, my mother has never told me to settle down. Not once has she told me to get married and have children. She told me, 'Baby, you don't need to get married. If you want to have babies, have babies.' My mother is Tanuja. She is the most unconventional, bindaas, rocking mother in the world and I respect her because she doesn't necessarily conform to society. It's about what makes you happy. You cannot expect an outside relationship to make you happy. I have always been happy.

You've been very close to Armaan's father, Rajkumar Kohli. You were by his side, when he was unwell.

That's compassion and empathy. My mother has brought me up right. I care about people. I have taken care of my sister, when she was in the hospital giving birth to Nysa because that's the way I am.

So there won't be a change of equation with Armaan's father?

Why? We are individuals in our own right.

Armaan's temperament issues in the Bigg Boss house were evident. You stood by him then.

I felt that everybody was against him in the house and I am somebody who will stand up if there is ganging up going on. He has a temper, but they were provoking him to get reactions out of him. His reactions were not necessarily appropriate but when he was wrong, I did tell him that in my own way and I did not stop being his friend.

So, what changed?

I don't know honestly. We were always different but you need time to really get to know someone.

Will you act with him if the opportunity arises?

Yes, I guess. Professional relationship is different. So why not?

It's been reported that your family was never in favour of the relationship.

My mom and my sister support me 100 percent. They respect and trust my decisions. My mom knows I will eventually do what's right for me. Yes, she didn't want me to go to the Bigg Boss house because she didn't want to stay without me for three months.

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So you've moved on?

I am focused on my production house right now as opposed to something that happened 20 days back. I am finally doing something that I have been wanting to do all my life.

Apparently, Kajol has been cast in your home production.

If I approach Kajol with the right script and right director, I am sure she will do it. She has already said so. She has to be convinced, it's very professional.

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