Monday, 8 September 2014

Morgan Freeman safely lands malfunctioning plane

Veteran actor Morgan Freeman has safely landed an aircraft he was flying after it malfunctioned on his way to the Toronto Film Festival.

The 77-year-old actor was piloting the jet from his home in Mississippi to attend the world premiere of his film 'Ruth & Alex', co-starring Diane Keaton,

Speaking at a pre-premiere party, which he arrived at 90 minutes later than scheduled, Freeman blamed the malfunction on the "slats" of his plane.

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"The slats would not retract in the air. On the ground they were fine, but in the air they were a problem. We were about 10 minutes in the air trying to get them to retract, but they didn't so we went back and landed."

Once back on the ground Freeman checked the issue and believed it had been fixed before taking off again.

"Once we got in the air, they still didn't work again, so we landed," he said of trying to fly again two, three and four more times.

"We cycled them again and took off, they still didn't work so we landed. Cycled again and took off, they still didn't work so we went back. Had to put the plane away and take out the other plane," he added.

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