Sunday, 17 August 2014

Man throws away 3 kittens in a bag

MUMBAI: A few residents of Girnar cooperative housing society in Oshiwara Park, Andheri (west), called the local police to their building complex on the Independence Day to show them CCTV video evidence linked to the sudden disappearance of three newborn kittens a day earlier. The residents have blamed an elderly man seen in the CCTV footage for taking away the three kittens in a plastic bag.

Oshiwara police is presently studying the video footage before taking formal action under the relevant animal cruelty sections.

"The one month old kittens were very cute and playful. Some society people had also made a cardboard cutout section on the ground floor of our complex so that the kittens can safely stay there. However, while replaying the CCTV footage of the night they disappeared, we were shocked to see a man going towards the right side where the kittens were kept. A few seconds later, we saw the same man carrying a big plastic bag with something in it and taking it outside our building," said another resident, Mamta Kashyap, who has taken the help of an animal welfare officer (AWO) to intimate the Oshiwara police.

AWO Zahra Ruhani of the NGO Society for Nature Animals & People (SNAP) told TOI: "When we showed the incriminating CCTV footage to the cops at the Girnar housing complex and confronted the old man, he denied having done any animal cruelty. The man kept saying that he was throwing out someone's garbage kept in the building, but the question is why should he throw someone else's trash. We have told the police that he is lying and that he should be booked under law."

There are 56 flats in the building complex, where most of the residents are animal friendly. However, with the sudden disappearance of the three kittens, the mother cat has reportedly become very anxious and edgy. While the cops informed that so far a formal FIR has not been duly registered, the animal lovers are determined to get it lodged in order to prosecute the accused person under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

"We are ready to give our formal statements and also submit the video evidence in order to ensure that the person responsible for the disappearance of the kittens does not get away scot-free. It is rather selfish and psychotic behavior to simply throw out helpless kittens and let them die. Cops have assured us that a formal complaint will be lodged very soon so that the official investigation can begin in the matter. The preliminary ground work has already been done by the Oshiwara police officials," said Ruhani.



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