Sunday, 17 August 2014

All 3 senior-most AIS officers to serve in Telangana

HYDERABAD: After months of suspense, the Pratyush Sinha Committee began the allocation of All India Service (AIS) officers between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in Delhi on Saturday. The first draw of lots for the IAS, IPS and Indian Forest Service resulted in Telangana emerging as the first option in all the three services. This means, the senior-most officer of all the three services, who belong to a state other than undivided Andhra Pradesh, would be allocated the Telangana cadre.

The other officers will follow in order with the next officer being allocated to Andhra Pradesh. By this order of allotment, Telangana chief secretary Rajiv Sharma can end up in the Andhra Pradesh IAS cadre. If that happens, the TRS government is likely to seek the inter-state deputation of the officer so that he can continue in Telangana.

In the general category of outsiders, senior-most officers Indrajit Pal (IAS), Ashok Prasad (IPS) and A V Joseph (IFS) get the Telangana cadre. "All outsider officers will be regrouped into four categories, namely general, SC, ST and OBC and the senior-most in each category will be allotted the Telangana cadre. Who will get which cadre subsequently will be known only after the roster based on the 10:13 ratio is finalized," AP IAS Officers Association secretary Raymond Peter told TOI. The ratio of 10 officers for Telangana to 13 officers for Andhra Pradesh has been determined based on the number of districts in the two states. "It's all damn complicated. Even we are finding it difficult to fathom," said an IAS officer well-versed in rules and regulations.

In the AP IAS cadre, there are 294 officers of which 125 are outsiders, 103 promotees and 66 insider officers. The draw of lots will apply only to the outsider and promotee officers (those who have been promoted from the state services). Of the 125 outsider officers, 82 belong to the general category and the remaining to the reserved quota. A 23-name roster system has been finalized for the 'outsider general category' by which apart from allotting the first officer to Telangana and the one next to him to AP and so on, officers who figure in 8, 9, 15, 16, 22 and 23 positions will be given to AP. Keeping in view the 13:10 ratio of allocation of officers between the two states, a similar system will be followed in the case of the outsider officers who figure in the reserved and promotee quotas.

In the general category of outsider IAS officers, Rajeev Sharma is the 8th officer after Indrajit Pal, Rajarshi Bhattacharya, R P Watal, Chandana Khan, S N Mohanty, A K Parida and S P Tucker, and therefore, can end up in the AP cadre. However, there are still some anomalies as the roster was prepared at the time of bifurcation of united AP in June because of which names of officers like S K Sinha, who superannuated in July, figure in the allocation. Similarly, there are a few officers who belong to the OBC category, but got selected to the IAS in the general category before the quota for the OBCs was introduced in the All India Services in 1993. Such officers will continue to be treated in the draw of lots of the general category only.

In the IPS, of the total 209 officers, 106 are outsiders, 32 insiders and the rest promotees. There is a strong likelihood that Telangana DGP Anurag Sharma may end up in the AP cadre. In the IFS, of the total 127 officers, 68 are outsiders and 25 promotees. Anwar Huda will be in the Telangana cadre while T P Das will be in the AP cadre.

In his capacity as AP IAS Officers Association secretary, the officer-bearers of the IPS and IFS associations gave Raymond Peter the honour of drawing the lots at the Delhi meeting on Saturday. Pratyush Sinha chaired the meeting and chief secretaries IYR Krishna Rao and Rajiv Sharma represented AP and Telangana respectively. From a box of chits equally named between the two states, Peter picked one which read Telangana. After finalizing the roster system of allocation for each group and category, the committee will meet again on August 22 to release the list of officers to be allotted to each state. For the insider officers, the allotment will be made based on their domicile which will be decided after referring to their service records. Sinha committee,IPS,Indian Forest Service,IAS



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