Thursday, 9 October 2014

Shah Rukh Khan credits wife for making ‘family smile’

He stretches his arms as far as his shoulder joints allow him to, his legs are slightly bent at the knees and his entire form makes an acute angle. You run into his embrace and then walk off into the sunset, to find your happily ever after. And then ring the bells – not the wedding’s but the alarm’s! Good morning…the dream is long over and harsh reality awaits you. And even as you busy yourself with the mundane, that nagging thought never leaves. The dream pieced together while humming ‘Mere Khwabo Mein Jo Aaye’ as a teenager, haunt you even as you hunt for dates. And you blame Shah Rukh Khan, the man who set such high standards of romance that it has become exceedingly difficult for you to find someone who comes close. While all his films have been exemplary romances, some characters have just nailed the definition of ‘a perfect boyfriend’. SRK-starrers have spoiled us silly and these characters are to be blamed.

Disclaimer: All characters in this article are completely real and believable. Any resemblance to a real person, living or dead, is purely coincidental and very welcome indeed.

Raj from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
Prince Charming: He walked out of a fairytale and reported straight on the sets of DDLJ. Shah Rukh’s Raj is charm personified. How could you not fall in love with this playful, flirtatious and rather headstrong guy? Shah Rukh was perhaps only mouthing his dialogue when he says, “Bade bade shehron mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai, senorita,” without even realising the kind of effect it would have on mere mortals, even decades later. What would a girl not give to have a guy woo her, follow her all the way to India to woo her parents and convince them that he is the best son-in-law they could have? He keeps vrats for Simran, serenades her in the sarson ka khets and even manages to whisk her away in the climax, without complaining even once. Sigh! Expecting this of a regular guy is asking for the stars, isn’t it?

Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota Hain

Pyaar dosti hai: Yeah, right! But when Rahul told us that friendship is the most important aspect of love, we believed him. And we had every reason to. After seeing his camaraderie with Tina first and Anjali later, it seemed almost possible that your boyfriend and bestfriend needn’t be two different individuals. Rahul can be credited with single-handedly making the concept of ‘marry thy best- friend’ popular. The fact that he was also a good son, father and son-in-law in the film, only added to his appeal. But your guy-next-door won’t understand your need to be friends first and lovers later. He might just dismiss it as being categorised in the dreaded friend-zone, at which point you will want to bash him up. But being a Shah Rukh Khan fan you won’t do that, so you will just smile and wave them a goodbye.

Veer Pratap Singh from Veer Zaara
Wait, wait till you succeed: Shah Rukh’s Veer is the ultimate example of how enduring love can be. He rescues Zaara, first from a valley and then from the threat of a botched marriage, without wearing a superhero costume. His cape is hidden as he roughs it out in Pakistan prisons and even in those dark dungeons of despair that he paces to and fro with graying hair, Veer is full of hope as he recollects (in technicolor) tales of his heyday to his lawyer. Back in the real world, guys wouldn’t wait 30 minutes if you are late for that coffee date. They are super busy, you see, busier than squadron leader Veer Pratap Singh, huh?

Raj from Chalte Chalte

Stalking is fair in love: While we have seen another, darker side of Shah Rukh as a stalker in Darr, his tendencies seem to have mellowed over the years. As Chalte Chalte’s Raj, Shah Rukh stalks her ladylove Priya full filmi style. Starting from searching for her address while singing on the streets and dancing with the policemen on the tunes of ‘Gumshuda’ to following her to Greece with a chance detour (which might or might not have been orchestrated by him), this Raj is irritatingly adorable. But the scenario is completely fictional. Put in such a premise, real-life guys would merely frown upon it for a while and then console themselves with the famous other-girls-sea theory, all while playing on their playstations.



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