Friday, 10 October 2014

‘I’ve been a drama queen all my life’

She took her papa, JP Dutta, by surprise when she informed him over lunch that after serving as his seventh assistant during the Umrao Jaan, she wanted to act. Nidhi however insists that she had been dreaming of facing the camera, like her mother Bindiya Goswami Dutta, for years.

"At the age of two I was dancing to Chaiya Chaiya in a diaper," she quips, settling down for her first interview ever. "I've been a drama queen all my life, the lakta jhatkas come easy."

Nidhi's debut film Jee Bhar Ke Jee Le is being produced by her father under a new youth-centric banner, JP Gene, but the director is Binoy Gandhi. "Papa took the muhurat shot which had me speaking a line from his Refugee. And he was on the sets everyday. Once, during an awkward romantic moment in front of the camera, he nudged me aside and stepped in as my proxy. Ajit ((Nafisa Ali's son Ajit Sodhi who is the film's leading man) was told to caress my cheek, the poor guy just froze," she chuckles.

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After her dadaji (scriptwriter OP Dutta) passed away, Nidhi returned from Paris after wrapping up a course in filmmaking, to help her father through the tough time. That's when she convinced him to give other directors a chance to make films for him and through a common friend connected with Binoy.

"One day I was talking about the film to Ajit who I've known since we were kids, and he showed interest in it. He was signed by dad for Border 2 and when that got stalled, it was decided that he'd be launched with this film," reveals Nidhi, who entered the picture by offering to speak the girl's lines during a script reading session. "I play a travel blogger in this film about friendship and love which I can take my girlfriends to."

Before she faced the camera, she had to lose 20 kilos and was doing crunches in the gym even after she broke her leg, six days before the film started. It is a road trip through Mumbai, Goa, Hampi and Romania. Nidhi who's just returned from Romania, says it was a fairy tale shoot even though the second schedule kicked off with her passing out on the sets. "I had high fever," she explains. The film is gearing up for a 2015 release and Nidhi is prepared for the test ahead. "Papa always tells me to do what I love and this is something I love. In the 100 years of cinema, dadaji, Dad and Mom together have been around for 62 years. It's great to take the legacy forward," she asserts, "I'm open to films from other banners too."

And what about gossip? "I'm a gossip girl, I've kept papa amused with what's happening outside the office. And I know if I really go out for a movie with someone I like, he'll sit me down for a talk," she laughs. "But till then love is only for the movies.

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