Monday, 6 October 2014

Ben Affleck slams Bill Maher over 'racist' views on Islam

Ben Affleck recently got into a heated argument with Bill Maher when the latter put forth his racist views on Islam, while he appeared as a guest on Real Time.

Sam Harris, who was also the guest on the show, said that people have been sold this meme of "Islamophobia," where criticism of the religion gets conflated with bigotry towards Muslims as people and it's intellectually ridiculous, the Independent reported.

The 58-year-old television host supported Harris and described Islam as the only religion that acts like the mafia and can f***ing kill anybody if they say the wrong thing.

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However, that comment made the 'Gone Girl' star furious and called Harris' picture of Islam as "the motherhood of bad ideas, over-generalized, gross and ugly."

Maher was also recently criticized for expressing his view that female genital mutilation was an Islamic problem.

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