Wednesday, 8 October 2014

5 simple rules to not be an introvert anymore

You may have a crush on someone but you aren't open or confident enough to give him signs that you find him impressive. We tell you how to be fast, witty and outgoing

Think about your likes and dislikes: Notice your likes and dislikes. While going out, start noticing things like what kind of person catches your attention and what qualities would you look for in a person you'd like to date. This will help you know your choices and in-turn help you spot the person you'd like to date.

Interact with people: You can interact with people through several ways. Attend a conference on the subject you like. At such events, you'll meet like-minded people who may think and act like you. Apart from having fun, you'll also gain a lot of knowledge and know more about people's perceptions and behaviours.

Try online dating: Online dating not only gives you time to think but also gives you space to know a person well. You can start interacting with people on chat, gradually moving on to knowing them better and if you feel that the person is a good match, you can go ahead and meet him too.

Socialise: Socialising helps you meet new people. When you attend events and parties, you meet your friends as well as their friends and this way you'll know more people. Love is found in random places. So you never know when you may just connect to an individual leading you into a relationship.

Be a mystery: Everyone loves to solve a mystery. Give out certain things, hold onto the rest. Yes, you can be a little extra introvert sometimes. This may make you seem like an silent, interested one. Observe but take your own time to act. Take things slowly and smartly.

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