Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sharing auto and taxis may get slightly costlier

MUMBAI: Drivers of share autos and share cabs plan to increase the fare by a rupee after e-meters are reset,said sources.

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Transport Authority (MMRTA) plans to add more share routes for the convenience of daily office-goers. "We will introduce the share routes to cater to the rush outside stations during morning and evening peak hours," said a senior MMRTA member. "Nearly 20,000 new autos and 7,500 taxis may hit the roads by the year-end and most of them will be encouraged to ply on share routes," he added.

The RTO has appealed to cabbies to launch more six-seater taxis to make share fares economical.

More than 50% commuters travel short distances mainly on feeder routes (connecting stations to the densely-populated colonies). Several lower middle-class families from slums and chawls in suburbs preferred the share autos as it was "easily available and affordable." Even a one-rupee hike will hit them badly, say activists. Many share autos ply in areas that cannot be serviced by buses due to narrow roads. But it is a win-win situation for drivers, as they can earn 33% more than the normal fare per trip on share routes.

Fare for long-distance trips will go up. At places like Goregaon, Malad and Andheri, there is a demand for travelling long distances in share autos as it saves commuters over Rs 100 per trip.

"There is a share auto service from Kurla east station to Sangharsh Nagar in Chandivli that costs Rs 62 per passenger. This could increase to at least Rs 70 for each commuter," said an activist. cabs,Mumbai Metropolitan Region Transport Authority,MMRTA member,autos



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