Sunday, 17 August 2014

Police hunt on for man who put ISIS speech online

CHENNAI: The state police and intelligence sleuths are trying to trace the person or persons who uploaded on YouTube a Tamil sub-titled video of a speech of Abu Muslim, a Canadian who died fighting for ISIS in Syria.

The video that went viral on the Internet has since been taken off YouTube, following a request from police to the host server in US, but continues to be circulated on WhatsApp, sources said.

In the video, Abu Muslim is said to have explained how he was a normal youth in Canada before deciding to join the ISIS. The state police have requested intelligence units to help trace those who gave Tamil subtitles to the video that shows Abu Muslim encouraging people to join the cause.

A police officer said ISIS members were using all methods to attract youths from all over the world to join what they claim is a "sacred war." "No organization in India has openly admitted support to the ISIS but some youths have taken to wearing T-shirts carrying ISIS slogans and emblems. Though ISIS is not banned in India, we are keenly watching those who -followers for the new terrorist outfit born in Syria," he said.

Meanwhile, sources said police in Syria recently seized maps of India from the member of a terror group in that country, triggering an alarm here and prompting authorities to rush to maintain high security in all possible public gathering places.

A week ago, two youths were arrested in Ramanathapuram for wearing T-shirts emblazoned with ISIS slogans and emblems. Such developments, especially among the youth, have become a problem for the Tamil Nadu police. Though senior officers claimed these are fringe elements, police continue to monitor their movements.



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