Sunday, 17 August 2014

LeT men Skype Pakistan from jail

NEW DELHI: In a revelation that shows how jails have become convenient workstations for miscreants, the special cell of Delhi Police has found that the Lashkar-e-Taiba suspects lodged in Alipore Central Jail in Kolkata were using internet telephony through smartphones to communicate with their Pak-based handlers for facilitating the execution of a terror strike in the capital.

Sources said that operatives Arshad Khan and Shaukat, who are convicts in the Partho Burman abduction case, were using more than one phone loaded with Skype software to video-chat with Lashkar commander Javed Baluchi and one other unidentified person.

"Skype IP codes are cryptic and difficult to decode. They also believed they could dodge police by not using the phone's SIM to make calls directly," a source said. Police have written to Kolkata prison authorities briefing them about the security breach and have asked them to monitor the LeT operatives closely, sources said, adding that more of these resources may still be available and in use in the jail. The sleuths also suspects that the operatives lodged in Tihar may also be using the same modus operandi and have initiated a probe in this connection.

Shaukat and Arshad are in the custody of the special cell at present. Arshad is a Pak national and also has close associations with some Taliban operatives, sources said. They are being confronted with each other and their versions are being corroborated.

Sources told TOI that Aftab Ansari, who is on death row in the American Center attack case, may soon join them. Police said they wanted to know the penetration of LeT in Delhi and other parts of India through them as they have been found deeply connected with Lashkar modules.

During interrogation, Subhan told police that he visited Alipore Jail in Kolkata to meet Shaukat—who is also his nephew—and that Shaukat had also come to Mewat on parole last August during which several calls were made to Javed Baluchi, the LeT commander. However, these calls were intercepted by security agencies and had led to the arrest of Lashkar operative Abdul Subhan on July 20.

Subhan had been preparing logistics of the attack through Shaukat and Arshad who were facilitating the supply of money needed for the operation through hawala route.

The additional funds were to be gathered through the abduction of a city industrialist, the source added. There are a set of people working to bring in explosives and weapons for the attack and the cell, at present, is trying to identify them. Baluchi,Delhi Police,Arshad Khan



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